Date:  8/16/2018

Home Depot In-Home Service has teamed with Climate Design and Trane to offer you the best in in-home comfort and energy savings.

Have Your Home Tested...

Get our exclusive Whole House Energy Audit & Comfort Checkup.  Before you can fix energy and comfort issues, you must first find them.  This important test will pinpoint issues regarding your heating and cooling equipment, windows and doors, insulation, appliances, and much, much more.  If you don't test, it's just a guess.  Don't spend another dime on energy and comfort solutions that don't work, get the Whole House Energy Audit & Comfort Checkup today.
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Whole House Checkup

  Download the following free reports on how you can save money on your energy bill and be more comfortable

What's the Right Price for a New Heating & Cooling System

Why Choose High Efficiency

24 Tips & Secrets to Making Your Home Cleaner, Healthier, & More Comfortable...and Also Save Money On Your Utility Bill

A Revolution in Clean Air

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  Get 99.98% cleaner air when you purchase Trane Clean Effects.  Trane Clean Effects gives you the industry leading clean air solution for any indoor environment.  Dust, pet dander, smoke, allergens, pollens, molds, spores, chemical toxins, and even bacteria: Clean Effects removes 99.98% of all the harmful particles in your air down to .3 microns.  Find out for yourself what a difference clean air can make.

Protect your Family

Many doctors and researchers now state that long term exposure to CO levels (as low as 10 ppm) can lead to permanent mental and physical health damage and disability.  However, because of accuracy problems and lobbying from fire departments and utilities, "retail store" Carbon Monoxide alarms conforming to the UL standard will not alarm unless levels are over 70 ppm.  They will not warn you of unhealthy chronic or intermittent lower level exposure.  Low-level CO alarms are not sold in stores, but you can purchase one exclusively from Climate Design.
Watch a quick video about CO
  Learn more about Carbon Monoxide and how you can protect you and your family from low levels of exposure.

Download a free report about CO from the Comfort Institute

Download a free brochure on the low-level alarm

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