Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some rooms seem impossible to cool down?
Air flow through your home is important for air quality.  For older homes there are two basic problems:  they are not well situated with only having one duct for a home or upstairs; and sometimes the actual duct is simply a cavity in the wall framing.  In many homes, there will be only one return air vent situated in the hallway off the bedrooms.  This pulls air from part of the house, while other parts of the house remain stagnant.

What is a heat pump?
A heat pump is a term for a type of air conditioner in which the refrigeration cycle is able to be reversed, producing heat instead of cold in the indoor environment. Using air conditioning in this way to produce heat is significantly more efficient.  Some home-owners elect to have a heat pump system installed, which is simply a central air conditioner with heat functionality (the refrigeration cycle is reversed in the winter). When the heat pump is enabled, the indoor evaporator coil switches roles and becomes the condensor coil, producing heat.  The outdoor condensor unit also switches roles to serve as the evaporator, and produces cold air.

What is the TZEM T400 Trane Thermostat?
TZEMT400 is the Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat which you can remotely monitor and control your thermostat from anywhere with any internet enabled computer and most internet enabled cell phones.  Actively manage the energy use within your home and reduce energy consumption up to 15% with the energy saving schedule

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